Break Into Tech With Twitter by William Johnson

Break Into Tech With Twitter

How To Use To Twitter To Get A Job In Tech.

Getting a job in tech feels impossible.

Most job postings want a senior developer, others want to see a portfolio.

If you're struggling to get your first job as a developer, then you're about to discover the little know tips that will finally get you the job you want.

Here you are in another soul-crushing job search. You know the drill. You send in resume after resume just to be told: “You don’t have any experience.”  It hits like a punch to the stomach. It shouldn't be like that

You should just be able to brush it off. But when 50 companies are all almost unanimous in thinking that you're not even worth a phone call, it hurts.

It feels like no one wants to give YOU a chance. You think to yourself, “If they would just give me a chance to talk, I can prove myself!”

The trick is to get past the automatic screening and getting a referral from someone in the company.

What if someone told you what you need to do to build a professional network to get referrals for a great tech job?

Following the strategies in this book, you will get that chance to prove yourself.

Break Into Tech With Twitter will teach how to get noticed and build real relationships that will benefit your career. This is not about a book about gaining the most followers or going viral and becoming a Twitter Guru.

This is about gaining and strengthening relationships that will help you get the job you want. 

Here's What You'll Discover In Break Into Tech With Twitter

⭐ Introduction 
 ⭐Document Your Journey 
⭐ What If I Don’t Have Any Followers? 
⭐ Setting Your Profile Up For Success 
⭐ Build Your Community 
⭐ Other Ways To Find People to Help 
⭐ Should I Only Tweet About Tech Stuff? 
⭐ Building Community Off Of Twitter 
⭐ Become A Creator 
⭐ But I’m Scared To Start Teaching
⭐ I Don’t Have Anything New To Teach
⭐ What Kind Of Content Should I Create
⭐ The Bad Side of Twitter
⭐ Its All Comes Together
⭐ Conclusion
⭐ Resources


I have gotten every job in tech (including GitHub) from connections made through the internet. It all started with me deciding to tweet about the code I was learning. I bought this book because it works.
Brian Douglas -Developer Advocate GitHub
Will is the Twitter master.
I’d check this out if you’re trying to figure out #howtotwitter .
Luke Casarez
Literally every short chapter made me go YUP and addresses things that I've heard over and over from folks struggling to build a network. 
The advice is honest and grounded. 
Alex Hillman
Will has leveraged Twitter as an *excellent* networking resource to get opportunities in tech, like the work he does with @eggheadio, and has been a huge inspiration to me my entire journey into tech. You should 1000% buy this book. 

Emily Harber - Developer Shopify

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